Baton Rouge Odor Control

ICI Building Services provides expert odor control for Baton Rouge area industrial, commercial and institutional facilities.

We successfully put an end to all of the following odor types using professional odor removal products administered by our custodial staff:

  • Restroom Odors
  • Carpet Odors
  • Break Room Odors
  • Dead Rodent Odors
  • Grounds Odors
  • Animal Odors
  • Cooking Odors
  • Musty or Mildew Odors
  • Cigarette odors
  • Water Related Odors
  • New Carpet Odors
  • Dumpster and Trash Room Odors
  • Commercial Kitchen Odors

It is estimated that up to 10% of all commercial property up for lease in the Baton Rouge area has an odor problem that can hamper or prevent a lease from occurring.  Odors diminish property value and have a negative image impact on customers.  Fortunately, ICI uses the most modern odor removal techniques that don’t just cover up the odor problem.  They remove the odor from the air entirely.

ICI takes care of foul odors in our clients’ properties in two distinct steps.  First, we identify what is causing the odor and remove it from the premises, if possible.  Second, we counteract and eliminate the odor through modern chemical treatments.  Some surfaces such as carpets or floor tiling can hold smells for a long time, but our odor control techniques are able to combat even the toughest odors.

Call us or submit a request online for a free estimate.  We have been providing quality odor control service to the Baton Rouge area since 1968.  We guarantee your satisfaction with our janitorial services.

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