Donaldsonville Janitorial Services

Are you a Donaldsonville business owner or property manager seeking any of the janitorial services?

  • Mopping and Dusting
  • Carpet Care
  • Floor Care
  • Trash Disposal
  • Exterior Care
  • Odor Control

ICI Building Services has provided these services to hundreds of commercial, industrial and institutional facilities in the Greater Baton Rouge area, including Donaldsonville.

Donaldsonville Carpet Care

Since 1968, ICI has been known for providing reliable janitorial services to industrial, commercial and institutional facilities in Donaldsonville and throughout Louisiana.  We can ably take care of your day-to-day spot cleaning and vacuuming needs.  We also provide deep cleaning as needed in order to make your carpet look and smell new and remain in good condition.

Donaldsonville Floor Care

ICI floor specialists provide a variety of expert floor care services including floor stripping, mopping, and buffing.  We can refinish your floors and get them looking new, then maintain them with regular waxing and buffing to keep that shine year after year.  It’s the kind of janitorial service Donaldsonville businesses expect.

Donaldsonville Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

Daily or weekly cleaning is the standard janitorial service that we provide our Donaldsonville customers.  Our cleaning service professionals take care of all the mopping, dusting, and trash disposal your facility requires.  ICI is also able to provide exterior maintenance such as window washing and pressure washing to Donaldsonville companies.  The result is an upgraded image and clean facility for your Donaldsonville properties.

ICI Janitorial Services in Donaldsonville

ICI Building Services has specialized in commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning for over four decades.  We carry forward the winning tradition of customer service.

Property owners and building managers looking to outsource their janitorial work in Donaldsonville can rely on ICI to get the job done.  Our professionals get it right the first time.  The final time you need to worry about keeping your building clean and presentable is the moment you hire us on to provide janitorial services.

With ICI, your office spaces in Donaldsonville will be clean without the hassle.

Professional Cleaning Services in Donaldsonville, LA

Businesses in Donaldsonville and throughout Louisiana can rely on ICI both for one-time jobs and recurring cleaning.  Regardless of whether your facility is commercial, industrial or institutional, we can provide for your janitorial service needs.

Donaldsonville Janitorial Quote

Call now to receive a free estimate for janitorial services in your building.  Call 225-923-0808.

We will provide you with a fast turnaround on any quote request.

When you request an estimate with ICI, expect a great price for excellent customer service, and the reliable cleaning you’d expect from a local Louisiana company that has been in the business since 1968.

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