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ICI Building Services, Inc. has provided southeast Louisiana with quality service since 1968.  For over forty years, we have cleaned a variety of buildings ranging from private offices to large commercial complexes, from LSU Tiger Stadium to industrial sites along the Mississippi River.  We have serviced physicians’ offices and have provided total hospital housekeeping management.  ICI develops a complete work-load program for each building and reviews it on a quarterly basis.  Our knowledgeable staff strives to provide our customers with cost-effective quality service.

Safety Policy

It is ICI’s policy that safety is the number one priority on any job.  Employees must follow all safety policies and procedures set forth by ICI and the customer.  ICI provides monthly safety training for its employees.  This training includes product safety for chemicals, materials, equipment and Hazard Communications.  Employees are informed of product use, storage, and any special considerations.  Written tests are given following each training session.  All test are reviewed with our employees and retraining is done when needed.  These test scores are also used in our incentive program evaluation.  In addition to safety meetings, we use a monthly safety auditing process.  Supervisors perform these audits to increase employee awareness of safe behaviors on the job and to correct any unsafe behaviors.

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